Tai Chi

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Tai Chi is an ancient practice that takes us on an insightful journey into knowledge, health, and balance in mind and body. Tai Chi is often referred to as a "foundation" practice, as its benefits can uplift the way we attend to all of our life's goals.

Instructor Ben Booth learned Tai Chi in China and studied in full-time, live-in settings with great masters and practitioners from Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain. He is also a lifelong open-water rower, international coastal rowing competitor and teaches coastal rowing in Westport, MA.

 Ben teaches a comprehensive and progressive Tai Chi class, featuring a fairly long form that incorporates all the major Tai Chi styles. He prefers that classes start and progress together, regardless of previous experience. This builds a strong community and assures each student gets the most out of their course. As the current class has already been in session for awhile, we are not adding new members at this point. We have been getting other inquiries, and will open up the next session when we get sufficient numbers on the waitlist. So please tell your friends and have them contact us so we can quickly get this list to critical numbers!

2019 Winter - Spring Calendar
Winter-spring Tai chi classes will begin the week of February 11 and continue for 16 weeks through the end of May. Classes will resume in September.

 For Inquiries, contact Tucker Hood,