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Tai Chi is an ancient practice that takes us on an insightful journey into knowledge, health, and balance in mind and body. Tai Chi is often referred to as a "foundation" practice, as its benefits can uplift the way we attend to all of our life's goals.

Instructor Ben Booth learned Tai Chi in China and studied in full-time, live-in settings with great masters and practitioners from Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain. He is also a lifelong open-water rower, international coastal rowing competitor and teaches coastal rowing in Westport, MA.

 Introduction  - Beginners Course
Location: Westport Grange
New students only
No prior experience is necessary as it is taught in a comprehensive, step by step manner. Breathing techniques, fundamental postures, and fluid series of Tai Chi movements will be taught, along with associated stories and philosophies that make this an infinitely interesting practice.  Due to the progressive nature, Tai Chi is taught as a course series rather than a drop-in session. We add new classes as Ben’s schedule allows. Please contact contact Tucker Hood to put your name on our list,, and we will notify you of any new beginner classes.

Currently, a class for new Tai Chi students will be starting on Wednesday, February 13 from 6:30 - 7:30 PM at the Westport Grange, 847 Main Road. This introductory class will meet weekly for 8 weeks and cost $96 (bring to first class). It continues from that point in 16 week segments. Please let us know if you would like to join the class.

 Intermediate Course
Location:   Westport Grange
Completion of Intro. Beginners Course is required.
The Intermediate Course builds on the Beginners’ Course. As Tai Chi is an art of Mastery, continued study and practice are essential.

 Advanced Course
Location:   Westport Grange

Completion of Intermediate Course is required.
This group has been studying with Ben Booth since 2015. They were the first Beginners Course in Westport MA and we celebrate their practice and progress to the next level. Many of Ben's students in Cambridge are entering their 9th year of practice!

2019 Winter - Spring Calendar
Winter-spring Tai chi classes will begin the week of February 11 and continue for 16 weeks through the end of May.

 For Inquiries, contact Tucker Hood,